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Tall Hexagon Beveled Soapstone Box with Natures Symbols of Faith

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A limited edition piece at an exclusive price!

A tall trinket box with elegant beveled edges and beautiful embellishments featuring a cross and sparkling crystals. Celebrate your faith and love with this exquisite piece!

  • Handmade Hinged Six Sided Soapstone Box
  • Box Measures 3¼" x 3¾" x 5"
  • Chrysolite & Ernite  Crystals
  • Antiqued Brass & Antiqued Silver Embellishments
  • Due to hand crafted nature, please expect color variations

This item may take 1-2 weeks to ship.

Please note that the item shown is a representation only. Part of the beauty of each box is that they are hand carved from a block of soapstone one at a time. Because of this intense process, no two will be exactly the same. Variations in color are also to be expected. Box colors will range from ivory to dark brown and the veins that naturally run through the blocks of soapstone create their own unique colors that can range anywhere from off white to pink to different shades of brown. All these factors enhance the collectibility and beauty of these one-of-a-kind boxes.

Hand carving stone is a tradition that has been preserved throughout the generations. Because each box takes a minimum of 12 hours to create, only a limited amount are made and that design will not be reproduced again. A combination of unusual imported and domestic materials, semiprecious stones and unique findings to create highly collectible designs that are hand crafted by artisans.