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KJV One of a Kind Jeweled 400th Anniversary Edition Leather RETIRED

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Retired Design (Bible out of Print)

Call for possible Bible options.

This is the most authoritative edition of the King James Bible available. The text of the 1611 edition differs from modern editions of the King James Version in thousands of details, and this edition is the most authentic version of the original text that has ever been published. It follows the 1611 text page for page and line for line, reproducing all misprints rather than correcting them. The volume also reprints the large body of preliminary matters.

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  • King James Version (KJV)
  • Genuine Leather, Burgundy
  • Measures 11½" x 8¾" x 2½"
  • 9 Point type
  • Black Letter Edition
  • Gift presentation plate
  • Includes genealogies, maps, and lists of readings
  • Gilt edging, 2 ribbon markers
  • One of a kind